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Aircraft Carriers

Green, Michael
Book, 1998

623.8 G

Aircraft Carriers

Sutherland, Jonathan
Book, 2008


Aircraft Carriers

Doeden, Matt
Book, 2005

(JUV) 623.8255 DOEDEN

Aircraft Carrier

Guardian of the Seas

DVD, 2020


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Aircraft Carriers

Mobley, C. A.
Book, 2003

359.3255 MOBLEY

The World Encyclopedia of Aircraft Carriers and Naval Aircraft

An Illustrated History of Aircraft Carriers, and the Naval Aircraft That Launch From Them, From the First Airships and Zeppelins Through to Today's Modern Warships and Jets

Ireland, Bernard
Book, 2011

623.8255 IRELAND

The History of Aircraft Carriers

An Authoritative Guide to 100 Years of Aircraft Carrier Development, From the First Flights From Ships in the Early 1900s Through to the Present Day

Ireland, Bernard
Book, 2008

359.9435 IRELAND

Aircraft Carriers at War

A Personal Retrospective of Korea, Vietnam, and the Soviet Confrontation

Holloway, James L.
Book, 2007


US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1942-45

WWII-built Ships

Stille, Mark
Book, 2007

359.94350973 STILLE

Aircraft Carriers in Peace and War

Skiera, Joseph A.
Book, 1965

359.32 S

US Navy Carrier Aircraft Vs. IJN Yamato Class Battleships

Pacific Theater, 1944-45

Stille, Mark
Book, 2015

940.545952 STILLE

Carrier War

Aircraft Carriers in World War II

McGowen, Tom
Book, 2001

940.54 McGOWEN

Warbirds of the Sea

A History of Aircraft Carriers & Carrier-based Aircraft

Musciano, Walter A.
Book, 1994

359.9435 M


A Guided Tour of An Aircraft Carrier

Clancy, Tom
Book, 1999

359.3255 CLANCY

The Richie Rich Scooby-Doo Show

Volume One

DVD, 2008


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