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Attorney Thóra Guomundsdottir and her new partner, Matthew Reich, journey to a remote corner of Iceland to investigate how the murder of a German student may be connected to the victim's interest in witchcraft.
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In the first installment of Scott Westerfeld's alternative history Leviathan trilogy, the year is 1914 and the world is embroiled in a global war. However, this war is fought by giant airships and monstrous, walking death machines.
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General Recommendations
James Lee Burke's picks for best mysteries of all time
"James Lee Burke, best-selling author of more than 25 novels, was named one of the 2009 Grand Master recipients by Mystery Writers of America. Here are his picks for the best mysteries of all time., as published in Parade magazine"
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Healthcare Guide
HPL Eating & Body Image Disorder Resources as Recommended by St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
"List of titles as recommended by psychologists and researchers at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. This is a carefully selected list of resources available at the Hamilton Public Library compiled to provide background information, and evidence-ba..."
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Genre Guide
"If you enjoyed the movie "Black Panther," you might be interested in these Afrofuturist titles. Afrofuturism is a fusion of sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction and Afrocentrism that gave "Black Panther" its special aesthetic. ..."
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