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Would You Eat your Cat?
Key Ethical Conundrums and What They Tell You About Yourself
Book - 2012
What's the Right Thing to Do?
Book - 2009
Talk With your Kids
109 Conversations About Ethics and Things That Really Matter
Book - 2013
Morality for Humans
Ethical Understanding From the Perspective of Cognitive Science
Book - 2014
The Righteous Mind
Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion
Book - 2012
The Nature of Good and Evil
Understanding the Many Acts of Moral and Immoral Behavior
Book - 2011
Einstein on Politics
His Private Thoughts and Public Stands on Nationalism, Zionism, War, Peace, and the Bomb
Book - 2007
Moral Tribes
Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them
Book - 2013
Would You Kill the Fat Man?
The Trolley Problem and What your Answer Tells Us About Right and Wrong
Book - 2014
A Short History of Ethics
A History of Moral Philosophy From the Homeric Age to the Twentieth Century
Book - 1998
Moral Minds
How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong
Book - 2006
What Is your Dangerous Idea?
Today's Leading Thinkers on the Unthinkable
Book - 2007
The Moral Landscape
How Science Can Determine Human Values
Book - 2010
1-25 of 26 items
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