I remembered this book from my childhood and when I came back to it, I found the charming story of a girl who wants to be a published author to be just as wonderful to read as when I checked it out from the school library in elementary school.

The characters in the school story are fascinating to watch. From Natalie’s reluctance to work on her story, which, as an author, I recognize as a true problem, to Zoe’s meddling in her friend’s affairs to help her achieve her dream, there is an element of realism. Certainly the story seems far-fetched, but the characters pull it together and help you to believe that it could happen.

The plot is entertaining and I have read this story many times. Each time, I feel as if the author part of me is reawakened. This book is what led me to become an author, and I strongly recommend that those who enjoy writing, or even those who are not sure they can reach their dreams. This book will do its part in reassuring you that anything is possible with hard work and a friend or two.

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