Leonard My Fifty-year Friendship With A Remarkable Man By Shatner, William Book - 2016

(*Favourite "Mr. Spock" quote*) - "May I say that I have not yet thoroughly enjoyed serving with humans. I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant."

In this generally easy-going memoir - Captain Kirk (aka, William Shatner) fondly reminisces about his 50-year acquaintance with Mr. Spock (aka. Leonard Nimoy).

As the story goes - These 2 "Star Trek" space-cadet/dudes were, in fact, fairly close, personal friends (when they weren't on the set filming something, or other, together).

From 1966 onwards - Shatner and Nimoy not only starred together in 79 episodes of TV's "Star Trek" - But they had also appeared in 6 feature films together, as well.

Published in 2016 - This biography of 278 pages, also includes an 8-page photo gallery, too.

*Note* - In 2015 - Leonard Nimoy (83 at the time) died from an incurable lung disease.

The character of Mr. Spock (played perfectly by Nimoy) has, long ago, become a bona-fide pop culture icon.

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