Between Shades of Grey is an amazing book about a 15 year old girl in 1941, when a group of Russian officers take her, her mother Elena, her brother Jonas to a railway station with hundreds of others. they were loaded in huge train cars to be deported, but no one knew where.
One night, Lina slips away and finds her father, who believes that they are going to Serbia. lina never sees her father ever again.
Lina and the others are soon in a prison camp that becomes thire home for 10 mouths in Traciak. They are forced to share a tiny hut with a grouchy women who always asked for rent, basically whenever she felt like it. Lina's life becomes a bit better when a boy named Andrius steps in her life to share her countless problems. Lina and the others work hard for hours, gaining only 300 grams of dried bread to survive on. After 10 mouths, the russian officers made groups by dividing some of the people to be sent to the Arctic Circle. Lina Elena and Jonas are on the list, but not Andrius.
Buildings or even huts are not provided for the prisoners in the Arctic, who are forced to build their own shelter with what ever they could find there. Everyday People died. One day, even Jonas got the scurvy and finally help had arrived! A doctor had been alerted about the horrible conditions here and demanded healthcare and food for all the prisoners.
At the End, Lina writes a letter and her drawings in 1954, which is then found in 1995. In this letter, she says she buried her writings ans drawings with hope that someone will find find them so the world will know what happened to 1000s of people like her. She hopes that by sharing this knowledge, these kinds of events shall never be repeated.

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