I am so glad I picked up the first book on a whim while looking through the paperbacks at my local library. I haven't been disappointed once.

This book was like a reunion of old friends. Sure, they're evil and full of back stabbing promises but always a joy to read. Kitty was delightful in this book and I loved seeing her insecurities pop up as she struggled to not revert to the old ways of Kitty and coming, albeit slowly, to the realization that she's got strength and she's got people there. And there not just because they're pack.

I think what I adore the most was finally getting to meet her family. Her Mom is so much different then I pictured from reading the books prior. I loved that we got some Kitty/family interaction and it didn't involve a phone. *beams*

Vaughn does a fantastic job on giving the reader information about Were's without giving it all away. We're already in book four and we got more info on Were's. Can't wait for to pickup the next book!

lysar's rating:
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