Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy
Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy Four Women Undercover in the Civil War By Abbott, Karen Book - 2014

The story of four women, four unsung heroes dedicated to their causes during the American Civil war who 'chafed at the limitations society set for them and were determined to change the course of the war'. Belle Boyd, the hot headed teenager who supported the South, worked as a courier and used her charms to seduce men and believed it was her duty to entrap the Yankee spys. Emma Edmunds, a Canadian who ran away from a forced marriage, joined the Union army as a male nurse (even though she was a female), post master and effective spy. Rose Greenhow, a Confederate spy while living in Union territory charmed military leaders and senators for information. As she created a vast espionage ring in the federal capital, she provided key intelligence about the enemy's plans, even while watched by the Pinkerton men. Elizabeth Van Lew, an abolitionist who ran a sizable spy ring for the Union as well as a safe house in Richmond for Union soldiers.
This is a very well researched and thorough account of these four women. It reads like a novel but it is sometimes hard to follow all of the secondary characters. Overall a very interesting book.

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