For the longest time, It’s kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini has been by my favourite book.
The plot follows fifteen-year-old Craig and his struggle with succeeding as a teenager,
depression and suicidal thoughts. The story picks up when Craig calls a suicide hotline and
checks himself into a psychiatric hospital where he meets people like him and some of them not
so much. The most interesting part by far has to be the author’s personal experience. Ned
Vizzini spent time in a psychiatric hospital himself before writing this novel. Another great asset
to this book is the relatability as a teen with mental illness. The protagonist clashes with his
family and friends while trying to explain what life is like to him as well as taking prescribed
medication to cope with the side effects of his depression. I believe everyone regardless of age
can relate to something or someone in this book whether it be the battle with mental illness, the
characters, or even the pressure from school. I recommend this book to teens but I can see
adults benefiting from having read this story as it would offer insight to anyone who struggles
with their inner demons - @TheBookNerd of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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