How did it feel when you killed that man? I'm sorry. I'm stupid.
- You want me to make your flesh creep? No. Forget it... I enjoyed it. It scared me, but I enjoyed it. I hated that man so, I could've killed him all over again... even though I didn't mean to.
- What did he do to you?
He called me. He insulted me...
You're tough.
- Not tough enough to change you.
For what? To hold hands with those ofay friends of yours? I'm trying to make a world fit for Eadie to live in.
- It's a cinch you're not gonna do it with a deck of cards and a racing form.
But you are? You and your big white brothers. Drink tea with them and stay out of the watermelon patch. Maybe our little colored girl will be Miss America, is that it?
-I won't listen when you talk like that.
Why don't you wise up? It's their world and we're just living in it.

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