Catching Fire
Catching Fire How Cooking Made Us Human By Wrangham, Richard W. Book - 2009

For anyone with an interest in the development of who we are, this will be a very interesting book. It should be pretty well self evident that humanity, us humans, we’re always who we are today. So how did we come to be so re engineered it to our present form. We weren’t always this big. At one time our jars were larger. We had larger teeth, molars, to help us grind up what we were trying to eat. But over the millennia, all of this has changed. And The author suggest that all of this is the result of cookies and that the cooking is the result of fire. And there you have it. We are who we are because we eat what we eat which we cook because we cook because we have fire. This is interesting little book, and eye-opener perhaps with an extensive Collection of notes as well as a good bibliography tucked in nicely in the back of the book. Not for everyone; but a joy for those with an interest.

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