Small Persons With Wings

Small Persons With Wings

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When Mellie Turpin's grandfather dies and leaves her family his run-down inn and bar, she learns that for generations her family members have been fairy guardians, and now that the fairies want an important ring returned, the Turpins become involved in a series of magical adventures as they try to locate the missing ring.
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Jun 26, 2014

I hated this book, they make the character in this have no strength to fight back or imagination. I didn't even read half and I already disliked it.

litriocht Jun 17, 2014

They're not fairies. They're Small Persons with Wings--also known by their Latin name, Parvi Pennati--and woe to the person who calls them otherwise.

When Mellie was small, she was crushed when Fidius, the Small Person with Wings in her life, left. Her contention that the flying miniature people were real caused her to be targeted for years of schoolyard bullying. Thus dubbed Fairy Fat, she turns her back on all things fanciful until her family inherits an inn from her French-Canadian, cantankerous Grand-père . Upon arriving at the inn, she discovers that not only are the Parvi Pennati real but also that generations of her family have been pledged to protect these not-so-mythical creatures.

Booraem's fantasy novel is an enjoyable romp through the supernatural. What takes the book from solid to excellent, though, is its poignant and humorous depiction of relationships between people. Mellie's viewpoint is both realistic and appropriate to her age, providing several hilarious insights into her family's dynamics. As Mellie matures throughout the course of the story, she learns to "grow into her grandeur" and find a satisfying, non-magical solution to the bullying she previously endured.

c0ffeelaserz Feb 15, 2014

An interesting story that even gives the Fairy family a Latin name.

JCLChrisK Feb 06, 2014

Don't call them "fairies," because they're proud, particular, and prickly. They happen to be small, winged, and magical, but they have a lineage that makes them much more than the stuff of fairy tales. A part of that lineage is their connection to the Turpin family. Mellie Turpin makes the mistake in kindergarten of telling classmates about her fairy friend and is punished by his absence, then convinced by her parents and cruel classmates that she imagined him. Then, when she's thirteen, she learns that they are real after all and her family has to provide them food and shelter anytime they ask. It's not a secret her family is very well equipped to deal with, and before long all sorts of issues begin to emerge.
This was a fun story, but it never seemed to live up to the potential of the premise and I couldn't ever quite connect with the tone.

JewelMcLatchy Oct 08, 2013

Hilarious take on fairies (sorry, I mean small persons with wings) in a modern setting. Without giving too much away, I have to say that my hands-down favourite character was the dead grandfather, particularly through his letters to the family. Split my sides laughing so hard. Recommend to anyone 8+ who needs a laugh and likes fairies.


It’s a coming of age story set against a backdrop of irritable relatives, giant drooling frogs, creepy mannequins, and bratty older sisters. Best of all, it’s a fun story with a large heroine who doesn’t need to slip into a size 2 to prove her worth. Think of it as a Judy Blume novel for the fantasy-loving set.

Nesreen Abdalla
Jul 03, 2012

i was at the library on day and i was board so i picked up this book and read the first page and couldn't put it down i totally reccomend this book to anyone with a creative imagination.

Jul 25, 2011

It was good, pretty but it was also dissapointing, some of the magic was just to.....weird, really unnaural not at all tinkerbell stuff.
Yeah be forwarned although the cover makes the fairies look tinkerbell friendly....not all of them are, the book isn't supposed to be like that.


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c0ffeelaserz Feb 15, 2014

c0ffeelaserz thinks this title is suitable for 10 years and over


ELIZABETH RAMSEY BIRD thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 9 and 12


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c0ffeelaserz Feb 15, 2014

Mellie Turpin has known fairies as long as she remembered. Heck, she even HAD one until one day in her kindergarten years. Oh, and she also knows that fairies don't like to be called fairies. But the one thing she didn't know about fairies was that a ton of fairies would be following her family nearly all day after her family moves into her passed grandfather's inn. Mellie must find the moonstone ring that the fairies want back(so they can have their true magic back and that their artificial magic wouldn't kill them) AND figure out the mysterious fairy-like "human" that is keeping her from giving the ring back to their rightful owners.


The Parvi Pennati are not fairies. Fair warning: call them that name and expect to experience some serious pain. Mellie Turpin knows about that kind of pain firsthand since she grew up with a small person with wings when she was young. Unfortunately when she told her Kindergarten schoolmates about her friend and failed to produce him she was immediately labeled Fairy Fat thanks in part to her girth and has carried that nickname through the years. So you can see why she’d be thrilled upon hearing that since her grandfather passed away to learn that her parents have inherited his old inn. Looking to spruce it up the family moves into their new home only to find that they have been lured there by a malevolent presence. Stranger still the entire Parvi Pennati clan in all its glory has also decided to take up residence. It comes down to Mellie to crack a couple mysteries and to save the day when all the adults around her human and fairy alike turn out to be useless in the face of catastrophe.


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" I couldn’t afford terror. Terror was for kids whose parents were around to make it fun."


“Last June, my parents jumped off a roof because of a pinky ring.”


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