Zero Charisma

Zero Charisma

DVD - 2014
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As the strict Game Master of a fantasy role-playing game, Scott leads his friends in a weekly quest through mysterious lands from the safety of his grandmother's kitchen. But his mastery of his own domain starts to slip, along with everything else.


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kevfarley Aug 22, 2015

Intense in-depth character study,.. and an interesting window into the gaming world.

X_andor_Who Jul 11, 2014

Zero Charisma (A movie, it modeling itself on a Dungeon Master’s journey of mind, and it having him, the Dungeon Master, crossing chaotic conditions of people politics, as like walking across fields of mines. He, the Dungeon Master, is as sensitive, brainy, big bard, who battles hard: the day-to-day, boring banes of banality, and them, occurring between night and day… he, additionally, being as an apt axe and mace wielder, hits hard, this against his fictional and real-life rivals. “CRITICAL HIT! Oh, SHiiiip, my wit, my wisdom, is much too low… my spell misfires and I forego the following turn… or something like that in the D&D vernacular!” They, his rivals, his nemeses cause him to feel disdain, they, his rivals, seemingly, cause him to have bleeding-like, ulcer-like, brain pain… Problem is… the pain, it gains, it builds, it remains… and a fair share of nightmares begin to breed and seed and glare their apparition stare… and then, and when, and at said cross roads, he being beaten by nemeses, his rivals, by butt loads, this and when they defeat his own fantasy fiction game (being both: his board game and the game of supposed, said life, outside the board game) he feels put to shame. He is as poor practitioner of pyre… him to like a Phoenix, bursting with breath of fire, being engulfed in crimson hue of feathery flame, being consumed by his own maddening mind game. The pushing plot has him portrayed, seemingly, as a juggernaut and giant genius, it has him showing and growing gains, this toward zero charisma and its social stains; and as this happens, he becomes more enraged, more mad, more sad, and he fervently clasps and grasps at remains of his dignity, now gone past; to reclaim his fame, his honorable name, he seeks to restore his rightly reign... he seeks to bring back his game night, his friends, his fantasy, board game, and all RPG rights.):

*Tinkering, Thinking Thoughts, this per what I had felt and thought, when while watching and listening to film, ZERO CHARISMA.
(1)The path to pure self destruction… to assured self annihilation… may lead one to his or her death, and/or… to his or her spiritual path!
(2)Abundant apathy, emotional extremes, and attunement to appreciating aesthetics, are but what three things that make up an artist and his, her, inner child, his, her, inner cosmetics: both tamed and wild!
(3)An artist struggling (though if an artist isn’t struggling… he, she, it, isn’t an artist) will have appreciation… for this Dungeon and Dragons, RPG creation!
(4)One can easily loose one’s way and mind… on his or her journey and personal find, as it isn’t easy, being in world of the super sleazy!
(5)Specifically and statistically speaking, zero charisma… in role playing game, RPG, terms (if one were wanting to have idea) revolves around characters, whom lack knack for speaking and delegating with tact… and thus, characters: he, she, or it, would severely lack subtle charm… and even still, as when one has eloquence in speaking, him, her, it, having voice that could quietly disarm… his, her looks, his or her appearances, could cast, unsightly, unwanted harm… as he, she, it, would likely cause city-wide panic, raucous, and armed guards to hark inaudible alarms. If not wanting this feature, this, being a below low or at zero charisma, creature, then try a new creature, and/or… do a dice roll... a do-over, re-roll. Rating: (6.0/5.0) -Xandor Who (reviewed: 06-06-14)


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Feb 19, 2015

King of the geeks, this is a movie about a guy who is exactly what you would expect from a super mega geek. He is the game master of a D&D style type game, with wizards and trolls and such, which basically means he comes up with the quest type missions things that they go on. His world completely falls apart when a new player comes into his game and is too cool, cause he is a geek with a girlfriend and he has a successful website, and the he does things like throwing a sword at his characters head cause he was bored. After that it is a journey in to the geek version of heart of darkness. Apocalypse now for geeks. It has decent acting for what it is trying to do, but is a little hard to watch in parts due to some very uncomfortable situations.

2 Beards Out Of 5

X_andor_Who Jul 12, 2014

Tags Summary: RPG board games, role playing, role playing games, dungeon master, stat sheets, intersecting realities, geek, magical lore, imagination, sensitive storytelling, storytelling lore, telling of tales, mental mastery, bard, bard behavior, Dungeons and Dragons, DD, statistics, statistical warfare, die, dice, Sturm und Drang, weapon wielding, social suicide, surviving social suicide, enmity, emotional, emotional enmity, diligent dedication, arcane arts, crash and burn, the day to day drag, flame the fire, misfits, misfits of society. –X; Who


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