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New York Times bestselling author of The Candymakers , Wendy Mass weaves an intricate and compelling story about strangers coming together and establishing unlikely friendships.

Three middle schoolers are brought together at Moon Shadow, an isolated campground where thousands have gathered to catch a glimpse of a rare and extraordinary total eclipse of the sun.

Ally's parents own Moon Shadow, where she's lived pretty much her entire life. When her parents tell her they're moving away to the city, she's suddenly frightened and desperately wants to stay at the only home she's ever known.

Bree is popular and gorgeous, but with scientist parents and a brainiac little sister, she is the black sheep of the family. When her parents break it to her that they're moving to Moon Shadow, Bree realizes that popularity doesn't mean a thing when there's no one there to see it.

Overweight and awkward, Jack is confused when his science teacher asks him to go on a trip to view the eclipse at Moon Shadow, especially since he failed science class. Although this is a chance for Jack to bypass summer school, it also gives him the courage to come out of his shell and find true friends for the first time.

With breathtaking descriptions of nature and its ultimate phenomenon, the eclipse, Every Soul a Star is a powerful and humorous story about dealing with change and discovering one's place in the universe.
ISBN: 9780316002578


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Jun 02, 2019

Every soul a star is an amazing, inspiring and overall, is a wonderfully written book. I love how it's told from Bree, Jack and Ally's different perspectives. The characters were actually relatable to and sometimes I forgot that they weren't real people. Wendy Mass is such an amazing author, she did an amazing job writing this book. It doesn't matter how old you are, every soul a star is a wonderful book for all ages.

Aug 24, 2017

Alpha "Ali", Bree, & Jack --- three 13 yr old kids that didn't know each other before this summer. But the prime viewing spot for the upcoming total solar eclipse would bring them together in more ways than one. Ali, a super-fan of everything astronomy, helps her family run the Moon Shadow campground, the prime viewing spot for the upcoming total solar eclipse. Bree, a fashion model wanna-be, is the outsider in a family of geniuses. Jack, a pudgy social outsider, failed science class which landed him in summer school. Ali's dad accepted a new science job in Chicago, & they leave the campground after the total eclipse event. Bree's parents have accepted the job as the new campground owners, & have decided to move in a week early in order to view the total solar eclipse. Jack's science teacher has offered him a position as his assistant on his summer trip to the campground in exchange for not having to go to summer school. They, along with 3 sidekicks, build a life-long bond while conducting a science experiment in Mr Silver's unexpected absence. These are the events that brought the teens together. The eclipse experience is what locks each other in their memories forever.

I love a good "coming of age" story. Make the common factor of the teens a total solar eclipse experience....gold! This is definitely a young adult read intended for 12-16 yr olds, but it's a story for all ages. The kids' description of the major changes in their lives, watching the story of an unlikely friendship unfold, & seeing how an astronomical phenomenon can bring the entire story to a point in what made this story so special. Each of the characters are special in their own right, but their story together was my favorite.

Age recommendation: all ages

On a scale of 1-10 stars, I give it 9.

Jul 29, 2016

This book is awesome.

Jul 25, 2016

Wendy Mass never dissapoints me! I've read the book at least ten times now and I never get bored of it.5/5

Jun 05, 2015

Every Soul a Star is one of the best books I have ever read.

LibrLdyMapleValley Jan 23, 2015

School Library Journal describes Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass as "quietly self-reflective" which may cause potential readers to run the other way. But along with the quiet reflection there is humor, drama and friendship. In fact, when a 5th grade girl asked me "what's something good to read?" and I suggested Every Soul a Star her reaction was wondrous to behold! Her eyes lit up and she said that she had read it and it was one of her favorite books. We talked about it for 10 whole minutes. So, a quietly self-reflective book can capture readers and hold them tight.

The story is told in alternating chapters by three very different characters, Ally, Bree and Jack. They all meet at the Moon Shadow Campground where Ally has happily spent almost her entire life because her parents run the place. She's stunned to learn that her parents have decided to move back to the city and turn the campground over to Bree's family. Bree is just plain freaked by the idea of living out in the wilderness away from her friends, shopping, TV and civilization. Jack, not the best student or most sociable person in the world, is surprised to find himself helping his science teacher lead a group of eclipse hunting tourists at the campground. The three meet (maybe collide would be a better description) and a very unlikely and bumpy friendship begins to grow.

There is another essential element in this story that needs to be mentioned and it's the reason these three are at the Moon Shadow Campground. There is a total eclipse of the sun coming and the best place to see it is at the campground. Thousands of people are coming to see it and Ally, Bree and Jack are caught up in the event completely. The science, which is a big part of this story, is so artfully intertwined that readers learn a lot about astronomy and eclipses right along with the characters and it's painless. The eclipse is the central bonding event for these kids and for the reader.

This touching, well-written, clever book is one that will become a favorite for many kids in grades 5 - 8. Also the three different voices telling the story work very well in the audio format. Check it out!

Jun 05, 2014

This book is amazing.I recommend reading this book.

white_owl_194 May 17, 2014

Wendy Mass is a really amazing writer. It only took me one day to read the whole book. You will regret if you don't read it. The format which the author organize to book is very creative. This book made me very interested in astronmy.

Mar 07, 2014

Gr8t book! I totally loved how jack gained confidence, Bree became down to earth and Ally found out that she can survive living in the outside world. Oops, I forgot to mention, SPOILER ALLERT!!!

Nov 17, 2013

Omg Amazing book. Recommend everyone to read it! :)

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Aug 10, 2016

"I wish you clear skies. "


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