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A once decent man becomes ruthless and bitter when he's falsely accused of a crime and becomes a target for a lynch mob. He escapes, but refuses to let his survival be known, so his attackers can be charged with murder.


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Dec 11, 2015

A powerful film about how mob mentality works, and the terrible consequences. It may have been released in 1936, but the story is perfectly relevant today. Excellent direction from Fritz Lang, who always told these types of stories well.

Apr 06, 2015

Sometimes might makes wrong, and suffers consequences.

rufus_red4 Jan 29, 2015

Excellent early Spencer Tracy/Fritz Lang movie about a lynching. It was controversial subject matter then as well as today. It's handled beautifully.

Sep 07, 2014

Fritz Lang Directed and wrote the Screenplay for "Fury". This is an early Spencer Tracy and Sylvia Sydney thriller. Walter Brennan has a small role and I am a big fan of him. He just adds something special to a movie. "Fury" is a very highly rated film by film critics. I find it one of the best of the Spencer Tracy films.

Jan 06, 2014

A reasonably good film from the old, B/W movie days. Directed by Fritz Lang, it has a slow start, but the second half of the film becomes more engaging. A good watch.

Oct 22, 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed this first American film from Fritz Lang, with Joseph L. Mankiewicz producing, initially titled "Mob Rule". Some decent humor (e.g. gossiping tenement females -- cut to clucking hens); powerful drama/great script; and two terrific lead actors. Tracy was spitting nails; full of p*ss and vinegar as the bitter, wrongly accused kidnapper -- out for the blood of those who almost executed him. And Sylvia Sidney was drop-dead gorgeous and sweet; I'd only previously seen the late actress in random roles as a much older woman (with those same stunning eyes). A young Walter Brennan; and yes, that was a pre-Dorothy Toto. I loved it. FIVE STARS.

May 29, 2013

Mob violence and its aftermath.

Slow start, then pushes forward relentlessly.

Good despite unlikely development.

(Based on a real case even more extreme.

READ NOTHING ELSE HERE: reveals the plot.)

Jun 14, 2011

A town of no-neck monsters lynch a man held in their jail. He escapes from the fire, and deliberately hides out, while 22 of them are tried for his murder. And then SPOILER they all hang! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Come on, isn't that great? REAL SPOILER No, not really. But I wondered, during the lengthy courtroom scenes, why I should care if these geeks lived or died. Abstract justice, check. The quality of mercy, etc., check. It would ruin the relationship between charming Sylvia Sydney and Spencer Tracy, check. On the other hand, they burnt to death a little dog, which I am pretty sure is the same dog that played Toto in the Wizard of Oz. So you see my dilemma.


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Oct 22, 2013

(Joe ominously appears in his brothers' apartment's doorway, back from the grave) Joe Wilson: "Pull down that shade. ...Pull down the shade! ...Turn out that light! ...Do you know where I've been all day? In a movie... Watchin' a newsreel. Of myself gettin' burned alive! ...I watched it ten times, or twenty maybe. Over and over again; I don't know how much. The place was packed! They like it! They get a big kick out of seein' a man burned to death! A BIG KICK! Heh... What an explosion... It blew the cell door off... And it killed... (cut to cute little puppies) ...Rainbow. ...I got out down a rainpipe. I almost burned my side off. I could smell myself burn!"

Oct 22, 2013

Joe Wilson: "Do you remember me preachin' to ya to be decent and to live right? Live right -- heh. I tried it. I tried to like it. Them people -- BUT THEY WON'T LET CHA! Charlie, you were right! Dinelli was right! Everybody was right but me -- I was wrong... But I know now, and I'll get 'em!" Charlie: "Sure, we'll get a lawyer and have 'em-" Joe Wilson: "-What? Arrested? For disturbin' the peace? Or for settin' fire to a jail, maybe? Oh no, that's not enough for me... I'm burned to death by a mob of animals! I'm legally dead and they're legally murderers! That I'm alive's not their fault... But I know 'em... I know a lot of 'em. And they'll hang for it! According to the law which says if you kill somebody you gotta be killed yourself! But I'll give 'em the chance they didn't give me... They'll get a legal trial; in a legal courtroom. They'll have a legal judge, and a legal defense. THEY'LL GET A LEGAL SENTENCE, AND A LEGAL DEATH!!"


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