It's Kind of A Funny Story

It's Kind of A Funny Story

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Jan 29, 2019

I absolutely loved this book and had it sitting in my room untouched for about a year. I decided to pick it up after going through a manic depressive episode the past week. This book made me cry, but it gave me hope. I mainly cried because in the back of my mind I kept getting reminded of Ned’s suicide. The book was relatable which hit me more hard. It is a fast read once you get into it and very easy to read as well. Proud to have it on my bookshelf. :-) <3

Jan 23, 2019

its a good book but dark at times.

May 14, 2018

For the longest time, It’s kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini has been by my favourite book.
The plot follows fifteen-year-old Craig and his struggle with succeeding as a teenager,
depression and suicidal thoughts. The story picks up when Craig calls a suicide hotline and
checks himself into a psychiatric hospital where he meets people like him and some of them not
so much. The most interesting part by far has to be the author’s personal experience. Ned
Vizzini spent time in a psychiatric hospital himself before writing this novel. Another great asset
to this book is the relatability as a teen with mental illness. The protagonist clashes with his
family and friends while trying to explain what life is like to him as well as taking prescribed
medication to cope with the side effects of his depression. I believe everyone regardless of age
can relate to something or someone in this book whether it be the battle with mental illness, the
characters, or even the pressure from school. I recommend this book to teens but I can see
adults benefiting from having read this story as it would offer insight to anyone who struggles
with their inner demons - @TheBookNerd of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

GCPL_Teen Jun 27, 2017

While I found it difficult to relate to or empathize with the main character, I am sure many would enjoy this novel. The protagonist, Craig, struggles to get into a competitive academic high school and then finds himself overwhelmed by pressure to succeed. A male protagonist can be hard to find in YA fiction, so some boys may identify with Craig and the challenges he faces.

JCLEmilyD Feb 09, 2017

Well I'll tell you I didn't think this was very funny at all. I get it, it's a story about depression
and it's suppose to have humorous overtones to make it well.. less depressing. But the humor did not float my boat, I thought it was just sad and WAY too long! It took 400 pages to get to the conclusion I got to at page 50. Meh.

Sep 14, 2016

Book was meh. 2.5/5. Like most YA stories, it's quirky and tries to get "in with the kids" but really misses a lot. The author writes based on his experience in a psychiatric hospital in 2004 - 2005, but my experiences (I was hospitalized in 2008, 2009, and 2011) were a hell of a lot different, so it seems like a lot of wishful thinking (i.e. you are not allowed to touch other patients contrary to the story, have your door closed, definitely can't smoke in a hospital, etc.).
And like most things -- books may have happy endings but the author himself commit suicide in 2013. Guess that's why I was interested in reading it -- wanted to 'pick his brain' -- but it turned out to be not so interesting. Oh well.

Aug 16, 2016

Now this a sad, depressing book, but also very insightful. Craig’s voice clearly states how he’s feeling, why he feels that way, how everyone around him is worried, and how he can’t just snap out of it. As he opens up to those around him, he starts to realize a lot of the people in his life are struggling too. My only complaint about this novel is that it’s a book about a very serious topic, but then somehow becomes a book about getting a girl. At times it reads like an updated version of The Bell Jar, and I mean that in a good way.

TSCPL_ChrisB Jun 02, 2016

I have read what I believe is my first YA novel.
It's Kind of a Funny Story was an easy read. Like 444 pages in 4 days easy. It was entertaining and provided some insight into how one teen viewed being institutionalized. I liked it, but it's not the kind of book I'd like to find myself reading often.
There was so much potential lost here. Wonderful idea. Great characters. Vivid setting. And yet, nothing gelled in the way I have come to expect from great books. It was largely fluff--a straight-forward telling of "my five days in the looney bin and how I got there"
In the complete spectrum of books, four stars is too high for this one. Taking it for what it is, however, and considering its intended audience, I think my rating is appropriate.

bhunt78 Feb 23, 2016

This book helped me deal with a dark time in my life. It is very easy to relate to Craig for someone dealing with depression or suicide. It also deals with the stress that school and social life has on young people. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is categorized as youth fiction, but it is suitable to anyone in a tough situation.

Jan 13, 2016

It's Kind of a Funny Story is a novel everyone should read. It describes mental illness in a clear, natural voice. Craig never whined; he was completely relatable, and his emotions were so real it was as if they reached out of the novel, grabbed me by my heart, and pulled me in. Because his voice was so true, I spent a day or two in a funk because I felt what he was feeling; so I wouldn't recommend this depressed or mentally ill people unless they're sure that they're in a good place.

Honestly, this book has me so full of emotions that I can barely express. I don't even know what to say. Perhaps I was able to relate to Craig so strongly because I've experienced the exact same high-pressure environment of school and college, but I think that anyone who has ever experienced stress will be able to relate. I love that this novel was about what Craig feels. Although how he feels is affected by other people and outside events, Vizzini never loses focus on Craig's mind, and how this is a story of Craig's journey through illness and recovery.

It's Kind of a Funny Story really moved me, and I highly, highly recommend it.

Oct 27, 2015

I really enjoyed the first part of this book. The exposition leading up to Craig’s stay in the hospital is heartfelt and believable. I was a little disappointed with the turn the book took when he enters the psychiatric ward. In the course of about a week, his mental health improves by leaps and bounds and it doesn’t come off nearly as believably as the beginning of the book. That said, it was still entertaining and uplifting.

However my biggest issue with this book is the offensive portrayal of the transgender character. Her role is minor, but even in her short amount of page time she is treated terribly by both the characters and the narrative (she is referred to as “he” and sometimes “it” or “that”) and presented in a way that is outdated for the time this book was written. I mention this not to slander the author but to warn anyone who might be upset by these scenes as I was.

Jul 01, 2015

A very interesting and heart-breaking book.

CRRL_CraigG Jun 25, 2015

The book manages to illuminate a real modern issue of the amount of pressure that smart, hardworking teenagers put on themselves in order to feel validated. Rather than shove his message in the reader’s face, he balances it with subtle humor and a realistic teenage character. Craig sometimes fall prey to the weaknesses of being young, but he tries to do the best that he can.

Read more at:

Aug 04, 2014

“It’s so hard to talk when you want to kill yourself,” are the opening words to Ned Vizzini’s insightful novel on the pressures that come with ambition and everything that comes with those pressures. It’s Kind of a Funny Story tells the story of Craig Gilner, a teen who recently got accepted into Manhattan’s most prestigious Executive Pre-Professional high school. Determined to become successful in life and get into the right college, he soon crumbles under the stress of this highly demanding school. Unlike his friends who also attend the school, Craig begins to isolate himself from his friends, stops eating, and stops sleeping. Then one night, he almost commits suicide. He then calls a suicide hotline and checks himself into a psychiatric ward. There he meets an array of different people, some of which he becomes friends with and some he even develops feelings for. This stay is hard for Craig and his growing anxiety, because while trying to recover, all he can think about is the school work that’s piling up on his desk. Over time, he learns to deal with his anxiety, and must also deal with his problems outside the ward: his family, friends, and the rumors going around school.
Vizzini handles the topic of depression wonderfully, making a seemingly depressing book full of outbursts of comedy, romance, and drama. The title, “It’s kind of a funny story,” sets a tone of lightness but depth to this book. Both teens and adults alike will find comfort in his words, no matter if you can relate to Craig’s situation or not. This author teaches people that depressed people are not “strange” because they are depressed. They are “strange” because human beings are “strange” and those who are depressed just happen to be human beings. Because of the witty narrating and beautiful message, It’s Kind of a Funny Story will always have a special place on my bookshelf and in my heart.

Dec 23, 2013

Ned Vizzini
April 4, 1981-December 19,2013

csimeone Dec 21, 2013

So sad to hear the author lost HS battle with depression

Nov 29, 2013

AWESOME book no doubt about that!!

jlim_lee Sep 01, 2013

This book was really honest and heartfelt, taking up realistic situations. Despite that it can be somehow tragic and sorrowful, it is also humorous as the characters are so quirky and somehow clever. One of the things I really loved about this book was that Ned Vizzini didn't just take stereotypes of people who may be depressed but made something unique and special from real kids these days. Inspiring.

Aug 20, 2013

Its such a great book! i loved it! I would recommend this to anyone. (:

JINGNA_1 Aug 02, 2013

In my own opinion, i don't think it is funny....

Jun 09, 2013

This book made me laugh, cry, reconsider my views on people with mental illness and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of books by John Green and Sara Zarr as well as Perks of Being a Wallflower. The book is very different from the movie and while I enjoyed both I much perfer the book

bookgeek101 Feb 26, 2013

Good book. It shows that to get to the top, sometimes you have to get to the bottom first. I think it is great for teens and adults, but it isn't my favourite book.

Feb 13, 2013

One of the best books I've ever read!

Dec 25, 2012

This book was incredible! I suffer from depression and the main character in this book does too. He spends five days in a psych ward and it helps him immensely. Ned Vizzini paints an accurate picture of what it is like to live with depression. It is inspiring

ARamos123 Sep 20, 2012

I liked this book alot. I found this an easy read even tough it was fifty chapters. I found it better than the movie. I saw the movie first ( which I shouldn't have) and It was ok but i wasn't to crazy about it. I found the book more descriptive and instersting. Most of the times I like reading a book first before seeing a movie , but sometimes I like seeing the movie before so you can picture how the character looks like already. I think they picked excellent characters to play each part espeically Craig. I would've liked If Bobby was a real main character in the book , but he wasn't. He was in the movie so it can go either way. I like the way he writes and I will def. read more of his books in the future. Good Job Ned Vizzini ! Five Stars. P.S It id help alot that he was in a mental health hostipal so he had alot of feel of how people act in there.

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